The Beginners Guide To Creating Video For LinkedIn

How does video fit into your current content strategy?

The benefits of having a video first strategy on LinkedIn are you can dramatically increase brand awareness organically and you can quickly work out which types of messages best resonate with your audience.

No matter if you want to increase traffic to your website or develop your personal brand, getting your personality on camera is one of the best ways to further your reach and show potential clients what makes you different to the rest.

With that said, check out this weeks video that runs through 7 video essentials to help you get up and running with video on LinkedIn.

How To Create AWESOME LinkedIn Videos in 7 Steps

1. Equipment

2. Lighting

3. Sound

4. Get In Focus

5. Press Record

6. Write a Script

7. Practice Make Perfect

Now it’s over to you, get out there and grab your camera. Only you have the ability to Boss Your Brand!