How To Master Your Craft

When I first started social media marketing, I really didn’t know what I was doing. To get my knowledge up, I bought a few books and read as much as I could about the main platforms. I wanted to know everything – what made them different to each other,  how they can best be used to drive engagement and sales and how large businesses use them to get their ideas out there. That was 6 years ago….

Today, YouTube, podcasts and blogs are my go-to for all social media updates. It really is amazing what is available for FREE. Despite all the free content available, I feel that social media is not always used in the best way, especially if you are an entrepreneur and you want to reach a larger audience. If you want to get anything from social media, you need to learn how to Master Your Craft.

Let me ask you this, how many times have you jumped on YouTube and searched for videos like ‘How to get more followers on Instagram’ or ‘How to build a successful Facebook group’?

Don’t get me wrong, followers are important, but followers really aren’t what you need if you are at the beginning stages of your personal branding adventure. Mastering your craft should be at the forefront of your mind.

Filter Through The Noise

Mastering your craft comes by learning how to filter through information and practising what you’ve learnt. It’s a shame but, too many people want results without the hard graft. Social media has definitely broken down barriers also offers a low barrier to access – the competition to succeed is extremely HIGH. But as promised, I will be sharing some ways you can use social media to get seen and heard while mastering your craft.

There is a belief that you must have your product, service or skill perfected before you share it. This is not always the case and as many entrepreneurs will tell you, sometimes the best thing to do is get your ideas out there and get feedback. Achieving success from your craft requires patience. It can take 3,4 or even 10 years before you get noticed. Are you prepared to graft and master your until you get the opportunity?

Chase Your Dreams

If you have a dream of becoming a session guitarist, getting thousands of followers is a pointless goal initially if your skills don’t attract the people that are willing to pay you to play. If you can’t afford to take lessons, use books and find online tutors on YouTube that really resonate with you and help you move in the right direction. When you start to master some of your favourite tunes, start recording your progress and share it on social media. Remember to tell your audience what your ultimate goal is and talk about WHY you are doing this.

Consistency Is The Key

Be consistent with your message and ALWAYS remember WHY you started your journey – this is important if you want to develop a winning personal brand.  With time, you will start to attract the right type of people. Consistency comes from believing in your craft and being open to learning from others.

With time, people watching you mastering your craft will organically start to share your content with others. This is when great things will start to happen. People will start asking you questions related to playing the guitar, people might ask you to join their band and you might even land you your first gig. At this point, building your social media fan base and learning how to maximise your social media efforts will be important – but until then, focus on mastering your craft and developing you WHY!

So there you have it. Mastering your craft is all about being patient and focusing on offering something that differentiates you from the competition.

If you have any questions on this, I’d love to hear from you social media.

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