byb 009 - Tanja Dzido - How to scale your personal brand in 2020

Episode 009 – How To Scale Your Personal Brand with Tanja Dzido

🎙BYB 009: How To Scale Your Personal Brand with

Have you ever wondered how developing a personal brand can help you to get the promotion you want or win new clients for your business?

For many, personal branding comes naturally. For others, we really have to work hard to become comfortable creating content regularly and talking about ourselves…. Don’t let this put you off.

On this week’s episode of Boss Your Brand, I am joined by the talented Tanja Dzido to discuss how personal branding can boost your visibility (online and offline) and help you achieve your personal and business goals.Are you ready to Boss Your Brand?

You can find out more and ask Tanja questions here >>

Question of the week: How many hours do you spend on your personal brand per week?